GLUAIS Training

Swilly Group Course

GLUAIS training has been provided to our bus drivers to enable them to professionally address the transport needs of elderly and disabled passengers and to work with wheelchairs, ramps, lifts and clamping equipment. Our employees attended training courses given by Swilly Group.

Our drivers have undertaken module 2 and module 3 of this course.

The topics covered include disability awareness, disability statistics, professional etiquette, safe and appropriate physical contact, assisting passengers with walking difficulties, assisting wheelchair users and basic manual handling awareness.


Module 3: Working with Wheelchairs, Ramps, Lifts and Clamping Equipment

This training introduces the various lifts and ramps available with particular attention to the specific equipment in use within the host company. The practical element includes loading, positioning, safe clamping, unclamping and unloading of a wheelchair passenger.