CFR & Defibrillators

Fully Certified

Cardiovascular disease is the most common cause of death in Ireland. While a heart attack or stroke can occur suddenly, research indicates that failure of accurate diagnosis and appropriate preventative measures is what leads to fatalities.

We have installed Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) on all of our vehicles in response to this. In conjunction with on-board Defibrillators, our drivers have received Cardiac First Response (CFR) training with Croí, which is a fully certified course that is the first step on the ladder of pre-hospital emergency care.

City Direct drivers have been taught the basic life support skills for victims of stroke, cardiac arrest, choking and heart attack. There is currently a very small survival rate of cardiac arrest in Ireland and this is linked to a breakdown in the four steps to be taken if a person is suffering from cardiac arrest:

1) Early Access – Phone an ambulance immediately
2) Early CPR
3) Early Defibrillation
4) Early advance care in the hospital

Our drivers are able to respond to the first three steps in this process due to their training and the availability of AEDs on all our buses. This has improved the level of safety for you, our passengers and a result has greatly enhanced the level of service we provide at no extra cost. We are the first public transport operator in Europe to install AEDs on our vehicles.