Child Leap Card

Child Leap Card 16-18 Years:

The Child Leap Card 16-18 Years can be used for travel on our services by anyone who is 16-18 years old (inclusive, up to their 19th birthday). A Child Leap card is also available for 4-15 year olds here.

The 16-18 is personalised and non-transferable. The card can only be used by the person whose photo and name is printed on the card. When ordering a 16-18 Card online, it is necessary to prove date-of-birth by providing a copy of passport or drivers licence.

For more information on this Card and to get a Card please visit:

Child Leap Card 4-15 Years:

Child Leap Cards can be used to pay for travel by anyone who is 4 to 15 years old (inclusive up to their 16th birthday). The user’s name and photo is not printed on the Card.

For more information on tis card and how to purchase one please visit: